Property Management in and around Caleta de Fuste, FuerteventuraSecurity

  Your home in Fueteventura has been a big investment. It is natural that while you are away you will be worried about your property.

  We are sure that you have done everything you can to make your property safe while it is empty.

  Knowing that someone is keeping a watch over your property can help you feel safe and secure.

  We offer a regular security check on your property, making sure all the windows and doors are closed and locked where possible and that nothing nasty has happened inside the property while you are away. This means that you will be alerted at the earliest opportunity if anything has happened and can advise us if theres anything we need to do for you to make an  insurance claim.

Regular checks on the outside and inside of your property, (fortnightly or monthly) 10 Euros per visit

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